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Behavior Analysis and Behavior Therapy

Behavior Therapy addresses behavioral excesses and deficits through a systematic and continuous analysis of data to develop and implement various interventions designed to assist parents and caregivers facilitate growth and change. 

Individual and Group Mental Health Counseling

Behavior Therapy addresses behavioral excesses and deficits through a systematic and continuous analysis of data to develop and implement various interventions designed to assist parents and caregivers facilitate growth and change. 

Specialized Trauma and Abuse Counseling

Trauma and abuse can take many forms, and their effects on children and adults alike can be debilitating. Addressing these issues requires that the therapist have extensive knowledge and experience in this area of need in order to better support clients in their journey towards healing.

Active Parenting Training - Therapeutic Family and Sibling Visitation

FCBS offers two distinct Parent Training Curriculum - Active Parenting and Family Nurturing,- both of which are evidenced based programs. The programs address difficult areas like teen parenting, parenting after divorce, step parenting and special parenting issues such as incarcerated parents and families involved in dependency. These positive parenting approaches teach proven effective parenting strategies to help maintain and strengthen families. The Parenting Program also offers coached and sibling supervised visitation to assist family members in strengthening their relationship with each other. Intensive therapeutic visitations are offered in which approaches, conducted by a therapist, are utilized to assist families with dysfunctional dynamics.

Separate Yet Together: Families Are Forever

The purpose of this 4 hour course is to prepare parents for post-divorce living, explain legal expectations,

Register for co-parenting class

Play Therapy and Filial Therapy

Young children (ages 2-10) have a limited verbal ability to communicate how they think and feel about the world. Play Therapy is a developmentally appropriate way to treat young children experiencing social, emotional, or behavioral problems. Meet Andrew!

Filial Therapy strengthens the parent-child relationship by teaching parents some of the same skills that play therapists use to treat young children. It can help parents regain control, learn to discipline effectively, understand and respond to their child's needs, and enjoy an improved relationship with their child.

Family Therapy

Our clinicians assist families in addressing problems and identifying stressors in their relationships to form stronger, more supportive bonds whether it be between parents, children, siblings, or any combination of these.

Couple's Counseling

First Coast Behavior Solutions is proud to offer counseling based on the Gottman Method of Relationship Therapy. Call for an appointment today!

Family Focused Anger Management

Our approach to Anger Management is unique to the area and is designed to not only address the aggression displayed by the individual referred, but the environment in which they may have learned to express their frustrations as well. By teaching every member of the household to identify their stressors and to use appropriate coping and de-escalation skills, the likelihood of growth and change increases exponentially.

Domestic Abuse and Family Violence

Domestic abuse affects not just the targeted victim, but the entire family and the family dynamics as well. By working with the perpetrator, victim, children and other family members exposed to this violence, we are able to reduce the chance of the abuse cycle continuing.

Substance Abuse Counseling

Our counselors assist individuals in identifying their triggers, using alternative coping skills, and creating a lifestyle conducive to achieving and maintaining sobriety.

Nutritional Counseling

Proper nutrition plays an intrical role in achieving and maintaining good mental health. Our clinicians can assist individuals identify faulty beliefs about their self image and address unhealthy behaviors stemming from these beliefs.

Hypnotherapy and EMDR

Hypnotherapy and Eye Movement Desensitization and Retraining are therapeutic tools used to identify and treat anxiety and trauma related disorders.


Academic tutoring is provided by Florida certified teachers and is available for all students including those struggling with attention and behavior issues that interfere with learning. By improving the child's proficiency in areas such as reading and math, the occurrence of escape and avoidance behaviors are often reduced.


Day respite is available for up to three children* by therapists who have been fingerprinted, have passed Level I Background screenings, and have received specialized training from licensed mental health clinicians.

*Children with high magnitude or aggressive behaviors may require additional providers to ensure the health and safety of all the children in the home.

Clinical Supervision

Qualified Supervisors for both RMHCI's and RCSWI's are available to assist these interns obtain the clinical contact and supervision hours required by the Florida DOH for licensure in their respective fields.

Staff In-Service and Trainings

Our clinicians are available for in-service trainings on a variety of developmental, behavioral, and psycho-educational topics. We would be happy to collaborate with your organization to tailor the curriculum to create topic and audience specific trainings. Please contact our office for further information or to speak with a clinical trainer.